Best Free Online Virtual Tour Creator By Google

best virtual tour creator by googleEveryone has a story to tell. And if you have got one, what’s a better way to share it with the world then via engrossing 360° images & effective 3D visuals?

Whether you are seeking to share your travel experience with others, or merely trying to explore the beautiful sites around the world, there’s nothing as creative as 360° Virtual Tours, to let you do it! And if what limits you from engaging into the world of virtual reality, is your incompetency with technology, then Google certainly brings good news for you!

Best Free Online Virtual Tour Creator By Google

The tech giant that never fails to impress has done it yet again by bringing Virtual-Tour Creation at fingertips for everyone, through its most recent creation! Google Tour Creator- an online VR Tool, is one place that’ll let you explore the world, as well as your creative potential in Virtual-Tour-making, by simple clicking of a mouse!

Concept and Functionality

Launched on May 9, 2018, Tour Creator is Google’s latest Virtual-Reality tool designed for visual story-telling. It is not available as an app or software yet but is released as a web-based tool that can easily be accessed online using any web-browser.

With Tour Creator, Google gives everyone the ability to create Professional-looking VR Tours, without having to be well-versed with sophisticated technology. It simplifies the process of VR Tour creation by using a simple drag-and-drop interface and doesn’t require any coding or learning curve. Using this tool anyone can create VR tours- be it school kids, teachers, any other professional, non-professional or just anyone!

Best Free Online Virtual Tour Creator By Google

The process to make a VR Tour using Google tour Creator is simple and straightforward. You got to access the online tool on your web-browser, and then you can begin creating your tour by clicking on the “Get Started” tab and the “New Tour” button after that. Then you can add a Title, description and cover photo to your tour & even chose a category for it. After that, you can finally start creating the tour, by “Adding Scenes”.

You can use your 2D or 360° photos or existing Google Street View images to create a VR Tour. A Google-Earth plugin integration is required for viewing 3D tours, and it lets you pick locations right from the map. The pictures you add can be edited in several ways and can even be modified using self-created text. Further, each tour can have multiple scenes, which can be enhanced using voice-overs and notes. You can also choose the “Points of Interest” in your tours that viewers can zoom in to and explore.

After you finish creating your VR Tour, you can upload it to ‘Poly’-Google’s 3D Library and view it using compatible Google VR Platform like Google Cardboard or Daydream. You can even share your creation with others by simply sharing a link to your Tour. Exporting to “Expeditions” (Google’s classroom focused VR app for field-trip based learning) will also be added in future.

As useful & straightforward as it is, Tour Creator essentially opens the door for endless opportunities. You can share your traveling experiences as visual stories or create interactive guides. It can be used to develop walk-through videos of homes, schools and various other places as well as to make training videos for learning. The possibilities are endless!


Straight-forward & straightforward- No learning curve
• Free to use- experience Virtual Reality in a fun & affordable way
• Create immersive pro-level 360° Tours within seconds
• Choose “Points of interests” that viewers can zoom in and explore
• Add image overlays to enhance your tour
• Watch on mobile, desktop or Google Cardboard
• Easily share your tour with a link

Last Verdict

It seems like Google just added another feather to its cap by introducing a tool that’s one of its kind yet free to use. Tour Creator by Google looks promising, owing to its ease of use, flexibility, and excellent functionality. It’s going to impress masses by proving to be a convenient tool & efficiently catering to the needs of kids, adults, pros and non-professionals alike.

*Availability: Tour Creator is available as a free web-based tool at Google VR


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