Best English Language Learning App For Kids

App to learn EnglishNo matter what region of the world you belong to, knowing & learning English has its importance. Because English is one language that is not only internationally recognized but is almost essential for global communications. Being an adult, learning English as a second language can be a struggle. Even if taught & trained in institutes, you cannot grasp the essentials as well as you would have if you were introduced to it at a younger age.

Researchers have found children’s brains to be readily adaptable to learning grammatical rules & nuances. Children have a natural tendency to determine whatever they are exposed to. Hence, it is advisable to expose children to different languages at a very young age, and there’s no better way to do it than via fun & games.

Best English Language Learning App For Kids

That’s precisely what Lingokids-English Learning app for kids is developed for. If you are a Parent looking for useful English language learning app for your children, this is just the perfect app for your new learner!

Concept and Functionality

Lingokids is a colorful, fun & useful English-learning app specifically designed for children of age 2-8 years. It allows Parents to build the vocabulary of their toddlers by making them interact with several vigorous & engaging activities.

The app is carefully designed to suit the needs of children & integrates several great components in a safe, distraction-free environment. The featured characters & graphics are colorful & vibrant, and exciting sound effects are explicitly added to appeal to children. The interactive activities are elementary yet engaging and keep the children involved as well as entertained. The app uses narration in a British accent & offers simple tips to parents to help them make the most of the learning experience. Another great feature of the app is that it generates reports of activities the children play, hence allowing parents to keep track of their children’s performance & know what they are learning.

App English learning for kids

When you launch the app for the first time after downloading, it asks you to choose your child’s English expertise level, gender, and age and then sets up a profile to personalize app experience to suit your child’s age, level & needs. You can even use the app for different learners by setting up multiple profiles for different children. The app offers English learning on three levels: words, phrases & sentences, through different types of interactions & animations. On the home screen, it features 5 sections: Home, Animals, Food, Nature, and Places; each with many activities, including video, songs, exercises and games you can play. These 5 lessons are available in free sample version, whereas 20 such lessons are available in the paid subscription. Subscribed users can even download supplemental activities & use the app in offline mode.

Besides being fun & easy to use, the app maintains the quality concerning teaching as well. The curriculum of the app has been specially designed by experts of language learning, and it features teaching content from the renowned Oxford University Press. It includes 6 different difficulty levels that children move through as they master activities. The aim is to maximize learning & improve children’s English skills by teaching them sounds and name recognition as well as parts of speech including prepositions, verbs, adverbs, etc.

Lingokids is a sampler app which is free to use up to a limited time. When you download the app, you get access to all the lessons for free until a week, after that only some lessons remain unlocked, and you need to subscribe to access the other lessons. To subscribe, you need to sign-up for a one-month free trial and then choose to pay $4.99/month for the monthly subscription or $59.99 for the annual subscription.


• Can be used for multiple learners
• Unique learning experience for every child using Adaptive technology
• No prior knowledge of English required
• Record and track child’s performance & progress
• Offline learning mode
• Various videos, songs, games, and exercises to aid in English learning
• Learn to write & pronounce numbers & letters
• Learn to recognize & name shapes, colors, animals, fruits, vegetables, etc.
• Learn more than 3000 English words
• 5 free lessons out of 20 complete learning lessons available on full subscription

Last Verdict

Featuring high-quality content from Oxford University Press and several interactive activities, Lingokids essentially makes English-learning easy & fun for children with little or no prior exposure to English. From unique adaptiveness to associative learning with great graphics, it has everything to make it the best child-friendly English learning app for preschoolers & kindergarten children.

*Availability: Lingokids app is available for both Android and iOS users via Google Play store and iTunes respectively


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