Best Digital Picture Frame With WiFi by Aura

best digital picture frame with wifiThere’s no better way of decorating your room then by putting up pictures of your precious moments. A photo does not only capture of your priceless moments, but a fantastic idea of revisiting memories, and having them around you can have an incredibly positive impact.

You can always get the pictures of your choice printed and frame them up to display anywhere you want, but it can take time setting them up. Also, the printed photos need to be of high-quality to be worth presenting, and you can’t print each & every one of those photos you have on your phone.

Best Digital Picture Frame With WiFi by Aura

But, with technology upgrading everything today, there is indeed a better solution available for you, i.e., Digital Photo Frames. If you are considering to buy one, there may be many digital frames available in the market that you can choose from but none as perfect as the one we are reviewing today. Focusing on innovation, while combining better performance and high-quality, Aura’s Digital Photo Frame promises so much more than just an interesting way of displaying photos!

Material & Design / About Aura Digital Frame

Aura’s beautifully designed digital Photo Frame is a gorgeous device with several integrated smart features, to make it an ideal choice for displaying digital photos.

Being an ultra-slim acrylic frame edged with anodized aluminum that is available in various aesthetic designs and color combinations, Aura’s digital photo frame is eye-catching. Visually, it is one of the best-looking frames among its kinds and can be hung on a wall or placed on a side-table using a sturdy metal stand included with it.

Best Digital Picture Frame With WiFi by Aura

As far as the actual purpose of displaying photos is concerned, this photo frame has several outstanding features to provide you a view worth watching. The HD LCD with vibrant colors makes sure that all your pictures look incredible and can be used in both landscape & portrait orientation. The frame can update your photos as you take them and is smart enough to make sure that it never displays a blurry photo, explicit content or a duplicate picture. Its integrated light-sensor technology even auto-adjusts brightness based on the environment.

Along with having great functionality, the Frame is also user-friendly.Transferring photos from your smartphone to the frame is a matter of seconds by using wireless connectivity & syncing with an easy-to-use companion app.Whereas, the integrated sensors that the frame includes further enhance your overall experience. Swiping photos is made easy by allowing scrolling through hand-gestures supported via motion-sensor technology, and you even have various options to choose when the displayed content changes. You can manually select intervals or make the frame display a new photo every time the room lights up or every time someone enters the room.

With the facial-recognition feature, you can choose to view photo collections with specific persons in them and in addition to seeing your collection of photos, you can even invite your friends or family members using Android/iOS App which will enable them to display their pictures on the digital frame.


• Ultra-high resolution display (2048 x 1536)
• Unlimited Photo storage and photo-sharing
• Easy setup, hassle-free control with no subscription fee
• Automatically upload new photos from your phone using Smart-select
• Facial-recognition feature to view personalized albums
• Light sensor enabling the auto-dimming feature to save energy & maintain perfect brightness
• Gesture sensor technology to scroll through photos using gestures
• The motion sensor can detect & change photo every time you enter the room
• Wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz) and Bluetooth (4.2)
• Available in 4 attractive styles: Ivory enclosed with Rose Gold trim, Charcoal enclosed with Black trim, Crystal Blue enclosed with Silver trim and Quartz enclosed with silver trim
• Compatible with Android phones (supporting Android 4.4 or above) / iPhone (supporting iOS 9.1 or higher)

Last Verdict

Whether you are looking for an innovative way to display your photos, a luxurious decoration for your room or a classy gift for a loved one, you’ll not regret choosing Aura’s digital frame. Luxuriously developed, stylishly designed and packed with a wide range of exceptional features, Aura’s digital photo-frame is the one if you are looking for the best digital photo frame around.

Availability: *The Aura Digital Photo Frame is priced at $299.0 and is available in 4 stylish color combinations, on Amazon

For Further detail visit Aura digital frame official website


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