Best Battery life Bluetooth Earbuds By Avanca

high quality ear budsWhether you are irritated by the constant tangling of your hand-free wires or their sudden ripping out of ears after being caught up in stuff, wireless earbuds can make your listening experience a lot less painful! And what’s better than getting the same excellent sound quality you get with wired hand-frees or bulky headphones, in a light-weight ultra-mini earphone!

Best Battery life Bluetooth Earbuds By Avanca

Offering all this and so much more, Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds is the best choice and our recommendation when it comes to wireless earphones. These award-winning ear-buds guarantee not only ultimate mobility but also make sure that you stay effortlessly connected wherever you go!

Design & Functionality

The Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds are genuinely wireless in the sense that they feature two small completely wireless earbuds, with no wires or cable joining them. These light-weight earbuds feature an eye-catching metallic casing of black & silver with a refined aluminum finish and make for the perfect accessory for music fans desiring excellent quality music experience, along with ease and portability.

The buds are small and feature a single multi-function round touch-button in the center. This button is used to control earbud on/off, music play/pause, call answer/reject and to even trigger the voice assistant. Above & below the round touch-button are Volume up/rewind and volume down/next buttons. There is also an integrated digital microphone that caters to voice calls and voice-assistants, whereas the minimalist design provides ease of use and hassle-free control.

Wireless ear buds

With 2 ultra-light different-sized silicone ear-tips, these ear-buds make for a seamless fit and are incredibly comfortable for extended wear. Besides different ear-tip options, the earbuds come with a stylish aluminum storage capsule that protects them and also acts as a charger (offering 400mAh current). Even the capsule is exceptionally portable and is capable of 3 full-charges, guarantees audio time of 12 hours on the go! Hence, these earbuds are perfect for long music sessions or hours of wireless conversations!

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When it comes to functionality, Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds look impressive again. These are equipped with the latest generation CSR Bluetooth 4.2 chipset hence providing superior wireless connectivity. The high-class speaker drivers, balanced frequency curve and passive noise-cancellation feature collectively offer outstanding sound quality for every type of music and even voice calls. The compatibility with several music apps and voice-assistants is a further boost to its credibility, and these earbuds are substantially compatible with all Android, iOS and Windows devices.


• High-quality wireless audio
• Light-weight and comfortable design
• 2 different in-ear tips for a seamless and secure fit
• Equipped with Bluetooth version: 4.2 + BR/EDR with range up to 10meters / 32feet
• Passive Noise-cancellation feature
• Compatible with popular voice-activated digital assistants
• Compatible with popular Music apps–including Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music
• Easy music-playing & volume control via single touch button
• Rechargeable-battery earbud with rechargeable battery-charging capsule
• Offers up to 4 hours of audio time & 4.5 hours of talking time with the single charge
• Up to 40 hours standby time with charging capsule
• Available in 2 attractive metallic colors (black & silver)

Last Verdict

All in all, the Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds offer an impressive combination of mobility, audio quality, skillfulness and ease of use. They also offer great value for money by offering several amazing features along with a complimentary charging-capsule, in such a reasonable price range. Hence, they make for a great choice among wireless hand free options and are specially designed for people who need to endure long hours of phone calls on their phones or like to enjoy hours of hands-free music with great audio quality.

Availability: Available in metallic black & metallic silver colors on Amazon (UK) for £89.00 only


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