Apple iPad Pro keyboard 12.9 inches The Elegant keyboard

Apple’s iPad pro keyboardiPad Pro 12.9 packs several incredible features & latest technology in an extraordinarily compact & portable device, hence making it a rather impressive device, claimed to be even powerful than some laptops. Be it the super-fast processor, the unmatched battery or stunning graphics, the technology infused in iPad Pro beats modern Macs & even Apple’s iPad & laptop line. As such it makes for the best option yet as a substitute for laptop or MacBook. All you require is an equally great portable keyboard to pair up with your iPad Pro & you’ll potentially have the best small computer Apple has ever made!

Apple iPad Pro keyboard 12.9 inches The Elegant keyboard

If you are seeking a seamless typing experience like no other in a handsome portable keyboard, making your iPad Pro look & function like a MacBook, Brydge 12.9 Series II iPad Pro Keyboard is just the one you need!

About Brydge 12.9 Series II iPad Pro Keyboard / Description

Bridge’s 12.9 Series II iPad Pro Keyboard is a slim, classical Keyboard that almost looks & feels as if Apple itself designed it. It feels solid & features impressive build quality with the anodized aluminum finish just like that of Apple’s MacBook Pro. The keyboard is available in silver and space gray colors to match the iPad Pro. It is slim & light-weight, weighing almost same as iPad Pro itself, and hence offers improved portability. Even the thickness of the keyboard perfectly matches that of iPad Pro therefore making it look great.

The principal mechanism is standard scissor design. The keys are 16mm wide with smaller key tops & 1.5mm essential travel that is feasible enough for a portable keyboard. The built-in function keys are convenient to access, and it includes some useful keys including a dedicated Siri button, sleep/wake button & screen-brightness control button beside several others, which boost its functionality. The keyboard even includes an exciting backlight feature that can be turned on or off and adjusted between 3 levels: low, medium or high. This means you can effortlessly continue typing with ease even in the absence of light! The keyboard also features rubber pads at the bottom to keep it firmly in place when you type.

Apple iPad Pro keyboard 12.9 inches The Elegant keyboard

It also consists of a well-developed Hinge mechanism that helps quickly attach or detach the keyboard to your iPad Pro. Being an impeccable fit, the hinge connection holds your iPad pro securely at any angle you want and allows for 180 degrees of travel. This hinge mechanism, however, limits support to Apple’s Smart connector and hence it uses Bluetooth connectivity for pairing up with iPad Pro. Series II keyboard uses upgraded Bluetooth version 4.1 as compared to its predecessor that featured 3.0, thus promising faster performance & low latency. Pairing is easy & instant and is done merely by holding-down Bluetooth key until LED starts to flash blue.

Brydge’s offering, however, lacks built-in speakers as iPad Pro already has pretty good ones & doesn’t need them. But it does feature its built-in rechargeable battery of 480mAh capacity that is claimed to last up to 12 months on a single charge, with 2hr of daily use. It also includes a micro-USB charging port & comes with an included micro-USB charging cable.

Overall, Brydge Series II keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro seems to be a pretty good long-lasting Keyboard accessory for iPad Pro. If you need to do a lot of typing on your iPad Pro, Brydge’s Series II keyboard is delivering seamless laptop-level typing experience, would indeed be perfect for you!


• Slim, lightweight & flexible design
• 180-degree hinge design
• Solid aluminum Full-sized keyboard
• Lower profile keys with only 1.5mm of travel for smooth, noiseless typing
• LED Backlit keyboard with 3-level of brightness enable ease of use even in the dark
• Faster wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1
• Up to 12-month battery life with integrated iOS Battery management
• Available in matching Silver & Space Gray colors
• Includes a micro USB charging cable & Quick-start guide
• 12-month warranty

Last Verdict

Brydge 12.9 Series II keyboard marvelously complements iPad Pro and stands out both concerning looks & functionality. The flexibility & features it offers at a competitive price, make it the perfect premium accessory to boost your iPad Pro’s Productivity potential & provides you with a MacBook-like experience you can’t get anywhere!

Availability: The Brydge 12.9 Series II iPad Pro Keyboard is available for Pre-order on official website for $149.99


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