Extra Bass Wireless Headphones By Sony

Sony extra bass headphonesListening to music can be addicting, and it’s natural to crave for a better music experience especially when you are a music lover. Headphones not only allow you to take your music with you anywhere you go but also let you experience the joy & power of music in the real sense. They are mainly the most loved music gadgets, and that’s why we have been witnessing improvisations in these gadgets through the years. From in-ears to over-ears, and from ear-buds to headphones, from wired to wireless and from noise-cancelers to bass boosters –the innovations have been tremendous & worth admiring.

Extra Bass Wireless Headphones By Sony

Following the recent trends and owing to the audiophiles’ increasing attraction towards them, the most popular brands have been recently focused on growing their range of heavy-bass headphones. The latest addition to Sony’s lineup of Extra-Bass headphones- Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones pack all the essential features you may be looking for in a headphone, and if you love heavy Bass, you will surely enjoy having this one!


Available in Red, Blue, and Black metallic colors, the Sony XB950B1 headphones look attractively eye-catching and feature a prominent bulky design. They are made entirely of textured plastic with metal finish sliders and are fold-able for transport. They comprise an adjustable metal headband & heavily-padded, comfortable rubber ear cups which have a SONY logo engraved on the outside. Hence, they are not designed to rest around your neck but provide for relaxed long music sessions.

Extra Bass Wireless Headphones By Sony

This isn’t a pair of headphones that minimize buttons. On the outer panels of left & right ear cups are various buttons & input controls for functionality. There are buttons for Power & Bass effect, dedicated volume control and a multi-function button for playback & call-management. There is also a micro-USB connection for charging, a 3.5 mm jack for wired use and a pin-hole microphone for hands-free calls. The right ear-cup also has an NFC sensor to enable quick pairing up of your smartphone.

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When it comes to functionality, Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass headphones do not disappoint and offer what they are meant for. While these headphones provide an incredible amount of bass, the bass-effect needs to be tuned and controlled via smartphone. The ‘Sony Headphones’ Companion app for Android & iOS, with its equalizer and sound settings, allows you to adjust the bass-level, as well as to turn on virtual-surround sound effect to make every song you listen to sound good. While the thick ear-pads provide great isolation on their own, the active noise-cancelling feature further helps in providing a distraction-free music experience. With this headphone, Sony even promises a long-lasting wireless music experience with an 18-hour battery life that’s great for a wireless headphone.


• High-quality wireless audio
• Broad frequency response (3Hz to 28,000Hz)
• Dramatic electronic Bass Boost
• Noise-cancelling feature
• Seamless connectivity via Bluetooth & NFC
• Optimize sound settings with the Sony Headphones Connect app
• Wireless call handling via built-in mic
• 18 hours of battery life
• USB-rechargeable, cable included
• Available in different attractive & fun colors (red, black & blue)


Overall, the Sony Extra Bass Wireless Headphones offer great features to make listening to music fun. These are not for fans who prefer compact designs and are specially designed for all Heavy-Bass lovers out there, who want to experience the best audio quality on the go, at a reasonable price.

*(For the best experience, use the ‘Sony Headphones’ companion app available for Android & iOS users)

Availability: Available in 3 different attractive colors on Amazon for $98 only


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