Android Battery Saver App Greenify

best battery saver appNowadays our lives are totally dependent on our smartphones. We use them for keeping in touch with friends & family through social apps, taking pictures, sharing them on social media, playing games, listening to music, streaming movies, shopping online, ordering food and so much more. Hence, we are almost always using our phones in one way or the other and we all know the inconvenience we have to face if our smartphones batteries don’t last long enough to let us use them.

Android Battery Saver App Greenify

Although all smartphone batteries have specified capacities, yet you might not have the idea that they actually drain faster than they should, due to some particular apps on your phones. Some apps drain your battery faster than others, & there are also those apps that continue to drain your battery, even when you are not using them.
So you might be wondering now, whether or not we can fix that & if yes, then how? Greenify app is your answer to that!

Concept and Functionality

Greenify is not just a battery-saver app but a unique phone performance optimizer that ‘hibernates’ battery-draining apps on your phone in an idle-state when you don’t need to use them. What makes it different from others is the fact that it not only force-stops non-essential apps but also stops them from restarting until you launch them again. The app efficiently performs its function even when you are using other apps and even lets you choose what apps you want to hibernate, so you don’t miss any important notifications from useful background apps like alarms clocks & messaging apps.

Greenify Android App

Greenify is extremely easy to use and you can easily get it for free from Google play store. Once you install the app & launch it, you’ll get a welcome screen with a brief introduction of the app’s functionality. Next, you need to verify the working mode (that whether you are running the app on a rooted or a non-rooted device), and screen-lock compatibility on your device. After that, it’ll require you to disable a few features on your device & will ask for a few more permissions, in order to perform its functions effectively. It may take a while for this initial setup, but it’s a one-time step after which you really don’t need to do much.

If you are done with setup, you can instantly use the app to ‘Greenify’ other apps on your phone! When you launch it now, it shows you an app-analyzer window displaying the memory-usage statistics of all the apps that may be running in the background. You can go through the list & select ones you want to put a stop to. You can also choose to view all the apps installed on the device that may not even be running then, & hibernate some of them as well to optimize your phone’s performance.

Another important feature of the app will become noticeable then. In the list of the apps, you’ll find certain apps marked with a cloud. These are ones that use GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) for notifications & if you want those notifications, hibernating them is not recommended. The ones you do choose to hibernate, can be hibernated instantly if you click the next button that appears. It’ll then show force-stopping procedure for each of them one by one. If you wish to skip that, you can just let the analyzer window close & it’ll hibernate them all automatically afterwards.

The basic app is free to download but a paid ‘donation’ version of the app, supporting a few additional features is also available.


• Intelligently identifies misbehaving apps into hibernation
• Light-weight and extremely secure app
• Highly efficient functionality with zero CPU utilization
• In-depth details about app explained on installation
• Saves you from missing important notifications by identifying GCM-integrated apps

Last Verdict

If you are seeking to optimize your phone’s performance in an efficient & harmless way, Greenify app is all that you need! Having this app installed on your phone essentially means you’ll never have to worry about your phone slowing down or its battery draining faster, ever again!

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