5 Best Portable Travel Routers in 2018

5 Best Portable Travel Routers in 2018Travelling is one of the most exciting experiences one can have! Whether you are just travelling to enjoy vacations or explicitly taking a break to enjoy scenic beauty around the world, you’ll have the time of your life each & every day, while it lasts. But there’s one thing that is absent, would end up bugging you at the end of the day.

Once in a while, you are going to want to get back in touch with the other side of the world from where you came from, or maybe you would want to show off your fantastic captures or update all your friends & family with your mind-blowing pictures. That’s when you’ll hate not having a reliable Wi-Fi connection on the go with you! Most accommodations only offer wired connections & you have your smartphones & laptops that cannot use them.

5 Best Portable Travel Routers in 2018

So before you head out, it’s wise to have a backup with you! If you have a wired connection available, a travel router can make sure you never miss out on being in touch with the world even while travelling. Need help choosing one? Don’t worry we know just the best ones too, that you should be considering.Here’s our recommendation list for the 5 Best Travel Routers to keep you connected where ever you go!

Wireless N Nano Router- TL-WR802N

This pocket-sized router is essentially travel-friendly and packed with several features to make it the best option. It is a 300Mbps upgrade to its previous version that uses 2.4GHz band to ensure lag-free streaming, video-calling & online gaming on the go. Its chrome-cast compatibility & secure hotspot capability make it capable of functioning as more than a router, and it even supports AP, Client, Repeater and WISP operation modes. Overall it is ultra-compact, easy to use & install and flexible enough to be used in any situation.

Wireless N Nano Router

*Available on Amazon (US) for $32.95 only

TP-Link AC750

This one is specifically a dual-band AC high-speed Travel router that can operate in 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5GHz (433 Mbps) bands and allows Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick to connect. It will enable you to enjoy HD videos using its high-speed Wi-Fi and even to share it using secure Hotspot feature. Its built-in USB2.0 allows convenient File-sharing and charging any device with up to 1A/5V power. It also supports flexible powering options & operational modes which include functioning as Router mode and Hotspot mode.

AC750 Wireless Travel Router (1)

*Available on Amazon (US) for $42.02 only


This router meets the needs of travelers who need to connect mixed Wi-Fi AC and Wi-Fi N device to the internet by broadcasting concurrent Wi-Fi AC(433 Mbps) & Wi-Fi N (300Mbps) network and enabling multiple users to share a single internet connection. The device even comes with interchangeable power plugs for North America, Europe and UK, allowing for easy global outlet adaptability and hence making for an ideal international-travel companion. It offers a high speed, several security features, fastest setup and instant connection to fulfill all your browsing needs as well as seamlessly stream music, photos, videos to other connected devices.


*Available on Amazon (US) for $34.99 only

RAVPower FileHub Plus

If you are seeking a tool that can function as a travel router and perform several other functionalities, this is your best option. RAVPower is a single pocket-sized solution for all your digital needs in the form of a multi-purpose digital device. The primary function is to perform file-sharing over Wi-Fi. It can efficiently work as a travel router by instantly converting a wired connection to a wireless one and allowing multiple devices to connect and share media. It also allows streaming media directly to chrome cast. It has a built-in SD slot enabling it to function as an SD card reader and integrated 6000mAH power bank allowing you to use it to charge any device. Hence it’s an all in one package rather sleek & portable profile.

RAVPower FileHub Plus

*Available on Amazon (US) for $39.99 only

GL.iNet GL-MT300A

A compact travel router with OpenWrt and extensive features including excellent signal strength, large storage capacity and exceptional speed & extensibility that’s what you get with GL.iNet GL-MT300A mini travel router. It features a sturdy CPU, massive 128 MB RAM & 16 GB onboard storage & more than 300Mbps data speed enabling for faster performance and secure transfer of media. As a travel router, it is capable of converting any public (wired/wireless) connection to a secure Wi-Fi network and programmable to further enhance its capabilities, including extended support for webcams and USBs. The built-in VPN functionality is compatible with 20+ VPN providers and allows secure connection to most Open VPNs while providing an extra level of security.



*Available on Amazon (US) for $30.00 only


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