Top 10 Android Apps For Business Managers

You may have a small business, or you are working as the manager in any business firm, and you have to have such android apps that can help you out in your business rather than software in desktop PCs. All you require to do is to install the Android apps on your cell phone of Android OS and then use it for your business activities. Let’s discuss all the best apps of androids for business managers.

Top 10 Android Apps For Business Managers

top 10 business apps

1) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Power –point)

There is no doubt about that Microsoft office is one of the important inventions for today’s business. Now you can use the particular software on your Android handset and you can create, edit and view your work archives to the fullest. Furthermore, a user can change the files in PDF received through an email. Business managers can perform their tasks sitting outside the office and can use Microsoft office on android cell phones that can really help them out in critical times without having PC.

2) Google Drive

You may sometime critically need software that can really store your business files in your cell phone memory. I would go for Google drive having a stable internet connection and you can save documents and you have the backup that makes you get access from an Android gadget. Once you have edited a file it will create a backup automated. So, there is no need to have PC and laptop all the time you can get access to your Google drive with the Android smartphone.

3) Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)

Small business owners should use Microsoft Remote Desktop app it would be perfect to have it on your android smartphone. You can connect it remotely from your cell phone to your desktop and you can get the advantage of having a full desktop screen of Microsoft Word or Excel through your android gadget in order to view edit files and documents from any place. It is the best of the best for the people who own a small business and often need to do work at anyplace.

4) Quick books

It empowers the users and also offer strong accounting tools in order to manage your finances. It is not fully equipped with fully with features for android mobile version, it is actually mobile companion software with the fascinating set of tools in order to manage your track sales, to send and receive invoices and recites and to review recent payments you have made being an owner of a small business owner. No matter If you are not available in your office and you don’t have access to the desktop machine, you can use Quick books remotely from your Android device.

5) Square Register

None of the business is small in a way that doesn’t accept the credit cards and you do not need have such tool to do it. You just need to download the software on your android phone and sign up in order to receive a credit card reader dongle free in the mail. You just need to connect the dongle to your android headphone jack a then swipe a card to process the payments. It further allows you to enter card details information manually.

6) Air Droid

Sometimes things went hectic and difficult to make your concentration on while you have multiple jobs being a business manager. At that point of time when you have to deal with your android cell phone’s messages from clients and from the employees, your concentration becomes worthless on a certain activity. You can adjust things with the installation of AirDroid on your android phone. It will provide a view of your cell phone screen on the large desktop screen that will help you out to make your concentration effective.

7) Skype (Free)

This is the best tool for the business manager to communicate remotely from anyplace with your employees along with the bundle of features. It enables you to make audio and video calls and you can even give a presentation to your employees sitting in any place with the help of Skype free android version.

8) Business Calendar

You can use this app on your android phone and can save your regular and non-regular routine work. It will provide you a reminder time to time and you will never forget all of the hectic routine work that you have planned for near future.

9) TheOneSpy

TOS for android phones is basically a cell phone monitoring app. Business managers can install it on company’s owned android cell phone issues to employees and can view their activities and surround voices, track phone calls, read messages and even can track GPS location of the employees outside the premises of the company. However, business owners can use it on their phones having plenty of confidential data stored on the Android phone. In-case the android phone is lost/theft or stolen, they can remotely remove the data to avoid the documents to go into the wrong hands. Moreover, they can get back all the stored data within the phone, because the stored data will sync into TOS online control panel.

10) Concur

A user can download it on its Android cell phone gadget with the help of Concur android phone version and easily track business travel and manage expense reports. It further enables a user to capture the photos of all the invoices and recites and the stuff will automatically store into the app having in the cell phone of android.

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