Smart Universal Android Remote Control App Peel

smart remote androidDoes the idea of having the control of everything in the palm of your hand fascinate you? Are you tired of keeping a stack of remote controls for all different home electronics you own, only to get disappointed when one suddenly stops working or gets lost? Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you could control everything with nothing but your smartphone?

Smart Universal Android Remote Control App Peel

Although, technology hasn’t reached that stage where we could ultimately get rid of all our worries with a single device, yet Peel Smart Remote app for your smartphone is as close as it gets-especially when it comes to TV & media devices. With this one app, you can ultimately turn your smartphone into a universal remote control for almost all your electronic devices including TV, PC, set-top boxes, media players, and even various smart appliances.

Concept and Functionality

Simple yet comprehensive, Peel Smart Remote app is specifically designed to offer all avid media users a vast degree of control over their devices especially the TV & set-top boxes, rather than just channel & volume control.

The app is significantly easy to setup, and all you need to get it working is an Android phone with a built-in IR blaster and the Peel Smart Remote app installed on it. Next, you need to type in a few details like your model, location & provider -for the initial pairing of the app to your TV.

Once the app successfully connected to your TV device, it automatically generates TV listings of every program that is “on now or on later” (on the same day or within the week) in your specific region, so you don’t even need to surf through channels and shows to find the one you wants to see.

smart remote

If it wasn’t enough, you also have the choice to customize your listings according to the ones being offered by your TV and bookmark your favorite shows. The app is as smart as its names suggest, and can even learn your likes & dislikes by your selections and use them to personalize your overall watching experience.

All of the above features already make it an extremely productive app to have, and as far as the necessary controls of TV are concerned, the app again doesn’t disappoint. With an extremely efficient and user-friendly control of volume and channels in all its modes along with a lock-screen notification feature (short remote), Peel Smart Remote app does a far better job as a TV remote than most other apps of its kind.

But as convenient as it might be as a TV remote, that’s not only what the app does. With so many exciting features, it can also function as your personalized TV guide! The app can send you reminders to watch the shows you like and even lets you know which movies would be hitting the theaters soon & which you might like. It offers you recommendations based on your viewings and preferences. Besides, it also lets you sync any other streaming services you might have, includes YouTube content and even allows you to cast all the online-streaming services on any compatible Android TV, streaming box or smart TV. Overall, for a universal remote app, it is as good as it gets!


• Control all your devices from one remote
• Easy to set up and simple to use
• Seamless volume & channel control
• ‘Short remote’-smartphone lock screen notification feature for easy access
• Offers TV program listings for more than 110 countries, in multiple languages
• Enjoy Customized listings and Personalized suggestions
• Quickly access your favorite shows by adding them to favorites
• Set reminders for shows & movies you want to watch later
• Effortlessly stream movies from YouTube or other online-streaming services, on your phone and TV (with the cast-enabled feature)
• Add additional setups/devices to be controlled specifically for each room, using the Multi-room feature
• Share your favourite movies and shows right from the app

Last Verdict

Comprising several attractive features and a truly impressive level of control and functionality, Peel Smart Remote app is the best choice if you are looking for a better way to control all your media devices in one go! What’s more, having this one app on your phone, guarantees that you are never going to miss all your favorite shows!


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