Sleek and Comfortable wireless Ear Phone By Sol

stylish earphoneThere’s nothing like music to lighten your mood on a bad day, and having just the right gadgets to enhance your music experience on those days, is definitely music to one’s ears! While having a modern smartphone means you can always carry your favorite music with you, you may still need some accessories to make you experience it better.

People have their own preferences when it comes to music accessories, ranging from headphones to earphones, and from wired to wireless. Still, Convenience & quality are two features nobody would want to compromise on. Besides, a unique combination of convenience, packed with a chic design and powerful features definitely sounds reasonable enough. Doesn’t it?

Sleek and Comfortable wireless Ear Phone By Sol

So, whether you are having just one of those sick days, or you are one of those music-fanatics who love to have a handy earphone hanging around at all times, SOL REPUBLIC’s newest neckband-designed Shadow wireless Earphones, offering this and much more, are bound to attract you!


With an ultra-light and compact design, Shadow-wireless Earphones by SOL REPUBLIC are specifically designed to rest around your neck all day.

The design features traditional ear-buds with a flat-disk back, which look incredibly stylish with their metallic highlights and company’s slim & minimalist logo engraved on them. They are covered with water-resistant rubber, making them sweat & rain resistant. The ear-buds are attached with thin, flat cords to a flexible neck strap that sits comfortably at the back of your neck.

Developed especially after studying NASA’s research on Human anatomy, the neckband is a natural fit to your collar, and comfortable yet flexible enough to allow head movement without disturbing the earbuds, or to be folded back and stored in the pocket while not in use. One end of the neckband has a microphone, power button, volume buttons and a multi-function button to provide extra functionality to it while the other end has a micro-USB connection, to be used for charging purpose.

wireless ear phones

While you’ll love the convenience and light-weight of these earphones, the fact that they include additional amazing features when it comes to functioning, makes them even more worthy. Shadow headphones offer a steady bass, clear vocals and balanced highs & lows, thus bringing out the best in every song you listen to. It also enables you to connect to two devices at a time and toggle between them with ease. Even its battery life of 8 hours, along with a pretty-fast charging time, is good enough for Bluetooth headphones!


• Lightweight and comfortable
• Ultra-compact and chic design
• Easy to use and portable
• Seamless connectivity via Bluetooth
• Calls and music control via buttons
• Sweat and rain resistant
• 8-hour Battery Life
• Great wireless range (up to 30ft)
• Multi-device connectivity
• Deep bass and impressive sound quality


All in all, the Shadow Wireless Earphones by SOL REPUBLIC offering a balance between comfort and quality is worth checking out. Especially recommended for all those music-fans out there, who want to experience the best audio quality, along with best value for their money without having to add much bulk around their neck!

Availability: Available at the official site, in four appealing colors: Shadow black, shadow Grey, Shadow Navy-Blue and Shadow Rose-Gold, at $99.99 only


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