Best Five Android Smartwatches 2018

best five smartwatchGone are the days, when the word “smart” was considered to be an attribute of human race only. With technology becoming more advanced every day, our devices have become so smart now, that we can’t possibly imagine our lives without them. Smartphones have long since established their significance in our lives, and now, the ultimate accessory to smartphone-the smartwatches are eventually becoming the favorite gadgets.

Smart watches can do a lot- from extending the accessibility & functionality of your smartphone to being your much-needed reminder & fitness companion. Such extensive-features in a relatively compact package that too at an easy reach as a wearable, surely compel one to buy this gratifying gadget.

Best Five Android Smartwatches 2018

If you are one of those gadget-geeks seeking to buy an Android watch, you may find a lot of options, from some of the most popular manufacturers, to choose from. But, selecting one that fits your need and style correctly, can be a tough task as this gadget definitely doesn’t fall into the one-size-fits-all category.

That’s why we have sought out and shortlisted the Best 5 Android SmartWatches 2018 here for you, so you can essentially choose the perfect one based on your preferences of style/size and fashion/ features.

LG Watch Sport

Running on latest Android wear 2.0, and offering some of the best specs in a Google watch, with or without being near to your smartphone-LG Watch Sport is the best choice for you.

LG Watch sports

Along with GPS and LTE connectivity, the watch is capable of answering your texts and calls (with a SIM card), alerting you with reminders, & providing seamless wireless connectivity, so you can leave your smartphone at home & still stay connected. With a built-in heart sensor and Google Fit app, it also does a good enough job at fitness tracking, especially for gym-workouts. Although feature-rich, with a large circular HD display & robust yet thick design, it can be a bit too bulky & not a preferred choice for those who like to wear slimmer watches.

Huawei Watch

With good looks combined with some great features, Huawei Watch is more of an all-rounder-yet it comes at a relatively higher price. The watch comes with a timeless, yet sophisticated design that is available in several design options & would attract those with a taste for style. With a premium feel & look, Huawei watch is not only aesthetically appealing & comfortable to wear, but also its circular AMOLED display has one of the highest resolutions around.

huawei watch

On the specifications side, the watch doesn’t support SIM or GPS, but includes all other features smart watches generally have including WIFI & Bluetooth connectivity, heart & motion sensors, and barometer coupled with a good enough battery life & processor. A great choice for those who wouldn’t mind spending a large amount in exchange for great features.

Misfit Vapor

Featuring a weighty yet comfortable & customizable design, Misfit’s first ever smartwatch is a good one of its kind in a low price tag. On the appearance aspect, it has an impressive circular AMOLED display surrounded by a thick grooved ring that you can run your fingers over, in order to scroll faster through menus on the screen. If we talk about specs, it has a connected-GPS instead of a built-in GPS which means it can’t work without your smartphone, but the heart sensor it features is rather accurate.

Misfit vapor

Also, the built-in Misfit activity app can although not keep track of your gym workouts, but it can smartly keep track of your walking, cycling and even swimming –being Swim-proof & water-resistant. Besides, it is capable of relaying your phone notifications for calls, texts, and emails on its display along with alerts & vibrations so you don’t miss anything. Overall, it’s an attractive choice at an affordable rate compared to others.

Ticwatch E (Express)

If you are looking for a simple & cheap android wear watch that still offers a variety of good features for everyday use, Mobvoi’s Ticwatch E powered by Android Wear, is a compelling candidate. With a light-weight & simple design and a body made entirely of plastic, the watch is comfortable enough for everyday use and more damage-resistant than it looks.

Tickwatch Express

Ticwatch features the latest android wear 2.0 and a tactile button which, for a change, is located on the left-hand side. Ticwatch’s signature “tickle strip “for easy scrolling is missing, but it has well-functioning built-in GPS & heart sensor, and a number of fitness apps making it an excellent option for everyday fitness & activity-tracking. With a built-in mic & speaker, the watch lets you make & answer calls, as well as keep you updated with all your phone notifications. Overall, it may not be the best Android wear watch or even best-looking one out there, still, Ticwatch E is a great option considering its low price tag.

LG Watch Style

LG Watch Style, is another collaboration of LG & Google that features Android 2.0 and many good features, but in a more-good looking & light-weight profile. As the name suggests, the most commendable feature about the watch is the stylish appearance that makes it the most worth-wearing wearable. With a circular 1.2-inch P-OLED one display, surrounded by stainless-steel frame it is the thinnest android-wear watch you could have & even features a rotatable crown on the side that makes navigation on the screen much more comfortable.

LG Watch Style

Although it lacks a GPS or heart-sensor, it still fulfills the task of a fitness tracker with an upgrade to Google Fit. Other than that it offers the same standard features as most smartwatches, in a much affordable price. But, its less-than-average battery-life is a trade-off for looks & functionality. This one would ideally be best for those who prefer fashion over features.


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