Best 5 iPhone TV Channel Apps

five best iPhone Tv and shows appRelaxing to a thoroughly entertaining TV show or a blockbuster movie on a lazy day is something every one of us occasionally looks forward to. And who wouldn’t like having hand-held, on-demand entertainment on the go, to get an instant escape from their hectic everyday routine whenever they feel like it? Hence, TV channels and movies apps are bound to be an all-time favorite among all those entertainment apps available on the apple play store, and we know just the best ones among them, too.

Best 5 iPhone TV Channel Apps

Whether you are looking for some action-packed series on your free weekend night or a harmless comedy show to spend your afternoon pleasantly, these Best 5 iPhone TV Channel Apps will ideally keep you thoroughly entertained!

Crackle – Movies & TV

Owned by the renowned Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, Crackle TV features a wide range of favorite movies and hit TV shows to stream, along with many Crackle original shows – all for free.

With a simple enough user-interface & a database that is frequently updated, it is quite easy to search for whatever genre you may be interested in; including Horror, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Action & Fandom as well as fandom favorites and forgotten hits.

crackle iPhone TV app

Download Crackle for iPhone

Bloomberg TV+

This one is especially for all those who like to stay updated with what’s happening around the world. Bloomberg TV, an American-based TV Channel providing global business news services & supported by 72 countries worldwide, is offering 24-hour live news broadcast to all iPad users for free through its Bloomberg TV+ app. Along with seamless streaming of live news, the app also provides some great features like reminders for upcoming programs on LIVE TV & the option to download them for offline viewing later.

bloomberg iPhone Tv app

Download Bloomberg TV+ for iPhone

A&E TV Shows

The app is a product of A&E TV Network (previously known as Art & Entertainment Network) and primarily provides access to all its original content including full episodes and exclusive clips of all popular A&E series, irrespective of the genre. It is free to use and only requires you to create a profile to stream all its updated content, with the only limitation of being located within the US. For all those American fans who love watching series, this would be the best app!

A&E Tv shows iPhone app

Download A&E TV Shows for iPhone

Comedy Central

If you are seeking a few hearty-laughs, the one app you need is the Comedy Central app. An extension of the TV Channel brand by the same name, the app combines all its content at one place, allowing fans to access latest episodes of all its favorite shows. While some of the shows are entirely available for free, the app essentially requires logging-in with your cable-provider to access its premium content. The app lets you watch your favorite shows live, bookmark them for easy access & even continue watching them later from where you left! Yet the Chromecast support, enabling you to cast your favorite shows on an even more significant TV screen, remains to be its best feature!

comedy central iPhone Tv app

Download Comedy Central for iPhone

Cartoon Network App

Catching up on your favorite cartoons has been made easier by the free cartoon network channel app.

Parents can use this app to entertain their children with the ability to access full episodes of more than 25 cartoon network shows without any logins, while some others require you to enter your TV provider information. A creative design, and the option to choose between various videos and games make this one a fun app that all children will love!

Cartoon network iPhone Tv app

Download Cartoon Network App for iPhone


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