How to automatically change wallpapers everyday in Android

how to change wallpaperRefresh is another name given to a ‘change.’ A little change in your daily routine brings you that mind refreshing feeling. Just like life, your mobile phone also needs some refreshing upgraded touch. As wallpapers give enticing look to your device so sticking to that one pretty looking background for your screen is not a good idea. Google Wallpapers is an app that can bring life to your phone with its immense collection of alluring wallpapers with a blend of your device’s wallpapers.

These exclusive backgrounds include a vast variety of beautiful landscape photography, mesmerizing cityscapes, seascapes, abstract textures, artistic, architectural shots, and some arts & earth enchanting images which can automatically switch every day, giving your phone a lively look.

How to automatically change wallpapers everyday in Android

  1. Go and get this fantastic app from Play store.

Google store

2. Get into the app.

3. Select your desired category.

Select wallpapers category

4. Click on ‘Tap to turn on daily wallpaper’.

Turn on wallpaper (1)

5. Choose your favorite wallpaper.

pick wallpaper

6. Preview and position your background before setting it.

Preview wallpaper

7. A mind-blowing daily wallpaper is applied as the background of your device.

wallpaper applied

Now you’re all ready to have a new pleasant image being displayed every day from each category offered. With each picture telling a different story your phone looks way more relaxed than ever before.


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