How to Find Duplicate Pictures in iPhone and Delete them

We usually click tons of pictures or download them. These days trends of selfie are going on and we take hundreds of selfie every day, most of them got duplicated by default because we take multiple selfie to get a perfect picture.

Here we are presenting an iOS application which can find and delete duplicate pictures from your iPhone.

How to Find Duplicate Pictures in iPhone and Delete them

  1. Download Duplicate Finder an iOS application that is only worth $0.99
  2. Once downloaded, launch it
  3. Tap on Find Duplicates button located at the bottom of the app
  4. Grant access to Duplicate finder
  5. Now it will ask you identical or similar

Find duplicates iPhone pictures Duplicates photos

Before proceeding further, let us explain you the difference between identical and similar.
Duplicates are the one which is an exact reproduction of original images, for example, you got two or more photographs of windows logo.

Similar pictures are the one which has more or less same object, but taken from different positions (angle), for example a selfie.

     6. Now select any of those choices

found duplicate Saved memory

Within a few seconds Duplicate finder will get results for you. You can view your duplicate or similar photos and then delete them, after deletion it would also display how much disk space you saved.

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