Create Edit and Convert PDF With All in One PDF Tool

Let’s talk about Portable Document Format for a bit. PDF is a file format used to present documents totally independent from any device or platform. Ever since its development in the early 90’s, the PDF has proven itself as the most reliable format, on numerous occasions.

The main reason behind that — security.

The PDFs security characteristic are the main reason why it’s still one of the most used formats, even after almost 30 years on the market. Nowadays, security is perhaps more important that before, especially when talking about software. With so many data breaches and digital thefts, the possibility to keep your documents secure is irreplaceable.

On the other hand, it’s not a secret that, for various reasons, PDF files often need to be re-purposed and edited. This, however, is a bit trickier to accomplish in short amount of time.

Let’s say that you are a financial manager and need to add new data to some of your old reports. The harder way is to convert your PDF into an editable file type (such as MS Excel), edit your new document, copy and paste different information, save changes and convert it back to the PDF format. This can be exhausting, time consuming and frustrating at times.

Luckily, there is another, much faster way.

That way is simply to use a PDF software that can do literally everything for you.

Create Edit and Convert PDF With All in One PDF Tool Able2Extract, a flagship software developed by PDF market leader Investintech. You can check them out here.

With Able2Extract you can easily edit and change any PDF content, no matter its size or number of pages. The tool provides a number of features that anyone can use. Let’s jump into it right away:

PDF Editing


  • Text Editing

Able2Extract has an embedded text editor, which can make instantly visible changes to your documents. You can choose a variety of font styles, colors, font sizes and with the WYSIWYG editor, all changes are immediate. Additionally, you can delete text blocks from your PDF and replace them with your own content, as you please.

  • PDF Merging

Using this app, you can also merge PDF documents in a couple of clicks. Insert any

page from other files into an existing PDF document. If you have a multitude of financial reports you can merge them into one big document, saving space and simplifying file storage.

  • PDF Splitting

Besides merging, the PDF splitting option extracts PDF pages into new documents. This is a useful feature when you need to remove unnecessary pages or you only wish to save a couple of pages from the entire document.

  • Resizing

Use the resizing option if you want to resize any page and leave the content untouched. The pages can be resized by centimeters, millimeters, inches or points.

  • Rescaling

Using this feature allows you to scale pages by percentages, along with annotations and content. Just click on the button to finalize your changes and your document is good to go.

PDF Conversion


Besides editing, the tool provides an option to convert the PDF to other file types including:

  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Image
  • PDF to CSV
  • PDF to AutoCAD
  • PDF to OpenOffice
  • PDF to HTML and more.

Just open your PDF file, select a desired type, adjust settings and click “Convert” button. It’s all done in three clicks.

PDF Creation

By clicking on the “Create” button in Able2Extract, you can generate a PDF document from numerous supported file formats in seconds.

This is a pretty useful feature if you want to create a PDF for a web page, image, presentation or just generate a regular report of some sorts.


Final Thought

Able2Extract 10 is a useful all-in-one PDF solution that will serve you for life (which is neat, because it comes with a lifetime license). It’s definitely worth taking a closer look into it, since it will indeed speed up your work processes.

Download the 7-day trial and give it a go. You will be surprised by how much extra productivity you can get with it.

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