Recover Windows Password Using Windows Password key

You have lost your Windows password and you don’t know a way to recover it, feeling depressed, then you have just landed on a correct article because in this article we will guide you how to recover windows password using windows password key. Windows password key is a software that recovers windows password when every other thing fails.

 Recover Windows Password Using Windows Password key

There are two methods by which you can retrieve your windows password. One is windows passwords recovery disk and the other one is using windows password key.

Windows Password Recovery Disk

If you are proactive and created a password recovery disk then you are safe but most of us don’t do that. Follow the below process to create a password recovery disk.
Creating a USB reset disk

  • Login to your computer
  • Insert USB drive or SD card into your computer
  • Type password reset in the search field and choose “create a password reset disk”
  • Select and locate your USB to create a password reset disk
  • Click next, now enter your account password
  • Click next and then finish

Using a Password Reset disk

  • Login to your computer, enter the incorrect password and you will be prompted with user name and password incorrectly.
  • Click ok, now you will see the login screen again, but notice now there will be a reset password button
  • Click reset password button
  • Insert USB drive and follow the onscreen instruction to recover windows password

Note: this method only works with local windows password not the Microsoft account password

Recover Widows password using windows password key

Download Windows Password Key, install and launch it on alternative available PC. There are 2 ways to burn a password reset disk. The default one is “Quick Recovery”, just inset a USB flash drive into it. Click “Burn”

password key burn

Alternatively, select “Advanced Recovery”, select your Windows version, media, and click “Burn”.

Target windows
Now insert this bootable USB drive into your windows lost password computer and set the USB boot to first order using bios.
Once you boot your computer with usb having windows password key tool, following screen will appear

recover windows 10 password
Now look at the screen there are several options which ever suits you best you can pick, here we have used change windows password with user username 1 is selected and change windows password selected click on next and follow on screen instructions to change your password.

This tool is a great way to recover windows lost password and I must say that among windows 10 password recovery tool, windows password key is the best I found.

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