Maildir Converter to Convert Maildir to Outlook PST MSG PDF Formats

maildir-logo Nowadays communication by email is so common that every other person is using it. With the click of mouse button, you can send and receive an email from one point of the world to another in matter of seconds. Many of us take this process for granted, giving title thought to how it actually works. It is easy to understand how standard snail-mail receive from point A to point B – but how will an email message make its way from a sender to recipient? The answer to that question rotates around something called a mail server. You can learn more about the role that mail serves

Maildir Converter to Convert Maildir to Outlook PST MSG PDF Formats

play in email delivery by reading below:
Mail Server is the computerized equivalent of friendly neighbourhood mailman. Every email which is sent passes through a series of mail servers along its way to its intended recipient. Although it may seem like a message is sent quickly-moving from one PC to another in blink of any eye-the reality is that a complex order of transfers takes place. Without such order of Mail servers, you would only be able to send emails to people whose domains of email address matched your own i.e. you could only send messages from one account to another account.
There are two categories of Mail servers’ i.e. outgoing mail server and incoming mail server. Outgoing mail servers are known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Incoming Mail server possesses two varieties i.e. POP 3 and IMAP. And most mail server saves their file in Maidir format.
Maildir is a common and preferable file format to store email messages, where each message is kept in different file with unique name, and each folder is a directory. This improves the efficiency because respective emails can be changed, deleted and added without harming the mailbox or other emails, and makes it risk-free to utilize on networked file systems like NFS.

Some advantages of Maildir

  • Locating, retrieving and deleting a particular mail
  • Minimal to no file locking needed
  • Easily used on network file system
  • Immune to corruption of mailbox(presuming the hardware will not fail)

Maildir is designed to work without failure when you have e.g. multiple mail servers or multiple processes on single server, delivering email to the same account at the same time e.g. the IMAP server is accessing the account. But the main issue with Maildir is that if you are using a file system which slows down when many inodes, and if your backup system is bad at handling multiple files. And this force users to convert Maildir format into different file format like MBOX, PDF, Outlook or etc.


How to convert Maildir file in different format?
Maildir Converter is ultimate utility which quickly convert Maildir to Outlook PST, MBOX, PDF, Gmail, Google Apps, Windows Live Mail, Exchange, HTML and etc. with attachments and other items. It is developed to move Maildir to new server. The tool perform error free migration with accurate result keeping rich-text formatting and metadata safe after successful conversion. With simple and self-descriptive interface, any user can easily operate the application.

Key aspects of Maildir Converter

  • Perform Maildir conversion in a bulk using Multiple Folder Conversion included in the application
  • Provides multiple file saving options to save Maildir data to multiple popular formats
  • Quickly convert Maildir files with attachments without any data loss
  • Preserves message formatting and metadata during conversion
  • Retains on-disk folder structure
  • Allow to preview Maildir files before saving
  • Offers multiple file naming options to save the data as required subject, date or time.
  • Save data at desired location as per requirements.

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