Top 5 Android Football Games For Free

Top 5 Android Football Games For FreeFootball is unarguably being the most popular game in the world, with the fan base football enjoys none other sport reaches near to it and that’s because football has been played in more than 200 countries and even where football is not being played but still you will find football lovers there. Now in the modern era of technology, Android Smartphone users like to play football games so here we are listing down the top 5 Android Football Games that are free to play.

Top 5 Android Football Games For Free


All Footballs lovers are familiar with FIFA, it’s the most popular football game produced by Electronic Arts. FIFA 16 offers stunningly realistic graphics, comes with an abundance of real football leagues and amazing soundtracks. Before downloading this game makes sure your Android device has 1.4 GB of free space.

FIFA 16 Android Game

FIFA 16 offers the most realistic football features, let’s throw a look at the characteristics beneath.

  • All New Engines better skill moves, more exciting goals, more responsive controls, smarter teammates, and improved animations as you recreate the match. Enhanced Hybrid Controls that allow you use Gestures or Buttons to hold the ball
  • BUILD AND MANAGE YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM Earn, trade, and transfer superstars like Lionel Messi, Jordan Henderson, and Juan Cuadrado to create your own fantasy team. Select your gaming style, formation, kits, and more
  • REAL WORLD FOOTBALL – Choose from over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams and go to battle against other players from real leagues in real arenas from around the world
  • PLAYER EXCHANGE – Now trade players and items you no longer need for a chance of unlocking something better. Higher value items or players you trade, the better the upgrades you’ll receive back!



Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is really a cool Android football game with good quality graphics and precious controls. Have a look at the futures of Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer Android Game

  • BUILD YOUR TEAM – Build the team of your choice by using transfer system, Sign players using coins or spot a player in the free transfer market
  • INTELLIGENT AI, RAPID GAMEPLAY & SHARP VISUALS – Smart defensive and attacking player AI form a challenging and addictive experience. With intuitive controls & excellent visuals
  • COMPETE ACROSS 4 LEAGUES IN A BID TO RISE TO THE TOP! – Get the skills to promote yourself to the Elite Division , Play friends matches , global challenges and more
  • DEVELOP YOUR PLAYERS TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIA – Train your team members in our unique player development plan. Increase Ball Skills, Fitness, Distribution and much more!
  • GET INVOLVED! – Watch matches come to life with over 60 unique celebrations, realistic cameras and ultra-smooth animations.

DOWNLOAD Dream League Soccer


First Touch Soccer 2015

First Touch Soccer 2015 Android game offers realistic graphics, fluid game play and more. You will be addicted to this game. Let’s have a look at the features of First Touch Soccer 2015.

First Touch Soccer 2015 Android game

  • LEAD YOUR CLUB TO THE TOP – Take command of your team on and off the field in Manager Mode. Sign new players, negotiate contracts & fully customize your club’s stadium with our unique stadium editor
  • BREATH-TAKING VISUALS & SMOOTH ANIMATIONS – Hundreds of amazing animations, stunning players and stadium graphics and lots more
  • MASTERFUL AI & RAPID GAMEPLAY – AI makes this game come to life, realistic feel as you pass through dribbling around players
  • DAILY MATCH CHALLENGE – Test your skills every day with our Match Challenge. Whether you’re the underdogs, or clear favourites these matches provide a reason for you to come back again and again

DOWNLOAD First Touch Soccer 2015


Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

Another amazing Android football game with management capabilities, train your team comprises of real players and take them to the top of the table.

Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager Android Game

  • Creating winning formations and best strategies for your squad
  • Calling for top players in live auctions
  • Making sensational transfers on live transfer market
  • Construction and promoting your own stadium with all surrounding facilities
  • Holding your team in amazingly realistic 2D live match, that will facilitate you get more beneficial decisions and bear on the final effect in real time
  • Challenging your friends in competitive and friendly matches
  • Kitting your team out in the official colors of more than 28 clubs from Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Series A and many others.
  • Playing in your own language anytime, anywhere, for free

DOWNLOAD Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager


Real Football 2013

Another Smashing Football game for Android, the game offers better graphics, real world players and ground. In the game you require to develop your Club and take it to the top of the league.

Real Football 2013 Android Game

  • REALISM PUSHED FURTHER – names and portraits of over 3,000 top Euro and international champions thanks to the official FIFPro license.

DOWNLOAD Real Football 2013

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