How to Sync iPhone Photos With Apple Watch

Apple WatchSince its arrival Apple Watch has created the buzz around the globe. The small display with lots of apps and features, there are lots of its features from which you probably are unaware of and here we will keep on sharing those features. So in this post we are going to guide you how to sync iPhone photos with Apple Watch.

There are dozens of advantages of syncing iPhone photos to your Apple watch, for example, you can quickly show you photos.

  1. Launch Apple Watch App on your iPhone that is paired with your Apple Watch (Click here to see how to pair Apple watch with iPhone)
  2. Now Tap on My Watch and select Photos
  3. Now under photo syncing tap on Synced Album
  4. From here choose the album of your choice that you wants to sync
  5. After selecting album wait for the process to complete syncing, processing time depends upon the number of photos you have that in the album

sync iphone photos on Apple Watch

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to sync iPhone photos with Apple watch, now you can view synced photos on your Apple watch without having iPhone in a range. Now share it, view it or even make a watch face, it’s up to you. Take note that the quality and size of your synced images will be reduced according to the Apple watch.

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