How to Locate iPhone Using Apple Watch

Locate iPhone using Apple WatchMost of us often misplaced our iPhone and then went on to search of it which can take sometimes hours if you do it on your own or you have to login to your iCloud account via your computer by ringing your iPhone via Find my iPhone feature but this process also takes longer. Now if you have Apple Watch you can easily locate your iPhone within the half time as compared to iCloud by ringing it using your Apple Watch and in this tutorial we are guiding you how to locate iPhone using Apple Watch.

Before I explain the process of locating your iPhone via Apple Watch let me clear few points. This feature doesn’t actually locate the position of your iPhone that you normally do via Find my iPhone, through Apple watch you can only ring your iPhone even if it’s in silent mode and your iPhone needs to be within the range of your Apple Watch (Wi-Fi range or Bluetooth range)

Locate iPhone through Apple Watch


  • Press the Digital Crown to access the watch face
  • Now swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch Screen
  • Now swipe all the way left to access setting glance
  • Tap on the Ping iPhone button (the icon with iPhone with sound waves around)

Congratulation, you have just learned to locate iPhone, though Apple Watch. It doesn’t matter whether your iPhone is set to silent mode or not iPhone will ring loud and clear and makes it easy for you to find it.

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