High Quality Fitness Tracker Mi Band

high quality fitness trackerThe reason you are reading this article because you want to have a high quality fitness tracker in affordable price. The Xiaomi Mi Band is a high quality piece of wearable gadget which only cost $16.89, you can find this smart watch on Gearbest with free shipping.So let us explore this high quality fitness tracker Mi Band in detail.


Mi Band is a simple fitness tracker fitted in a polycarbonate casing, its sensor surface is 100 percent made up of aluminum alloy with indicator lights: blue, green, red and orange. Mi Band is water and dust resistant certified by IP67.

Mi Band Design

Mi Band fits neatly within the Wrist band. The length of wrist band is adjustable between 157mm and 205mm.

Mi Band Bracelet


Monitor daily fitness level

Keeps track of your activity level, track walking distance, calculate calories burned, your sleep time, steps covered and a smart vibration alarm.

Sync with App to analyze your fitness and sleep activities

Sync with Mi Band application in actual time using Bluetooth to view your fitness and sleep records. Can save up to a year’s worth of data, you can even share your data with friends to compare.

MI Band App Mi Band Application

Identify yourself with Mi Band

Just reach your smartphone with Mi Band on your wrist swipe and unlock anyone else who tries to unlock will be prompted to enter a passcode. You can link your Mi Band with your Mi account to enhance the protection of your personal information.

Incoming call alerts

Never miss important calls again, Mi Band will notify you if the call has not been picked up within a certain time.

30 days battery life

On a full charge Mi Band battery can survive up to 30 days

Hypoallergenic silicone band

The ring is made of TPSiV – one of the world’s best thermoplastic elastomers. Its outstanding anti-UV, anti-microbial, and anti-allergic properties mean that it’s unlikely to annoy even the most sensitive skin. It is gentle to the touch and fits neatly for ultimate wearing comfort and is usable in different colors.

In the conclusion I would like to state that this Mi Band is worth a try, not only because of its inexpensive price but also for its characteristics.

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