How to Hard Reset or Factory Restore Xbox One

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Xbox One is power packed system through which you play games, online streaming of videos via YouTube or any other video streaming service and listening to Xbox music. When we as users using this service, sometimes things don’t work such as application hangs or a feature stop working out, so this is the time to reset your Xbox One device. If you don’t know how to reset it, then follow the below tutorial on how to hard reset or factory restore Xbox One.

How to Hard Reset or Factory Restore Xbox One

As mentioned in the main heading there are two methods to reset your Xbox One device but both have different usages.

xbox one reset

Hard Reset Xbox One

Hard reset is useful when any of the apps installed in Xbox One stops responding or having problem with Xbox One Services. See the below steps to hard reset your Xbox One device.

  1. Xbox One should be turned on
  2. Press and hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds, then release within the few minutes system will be reset

Another option is to hard reset is go to power and startup menu and choose Restart Now

Restore Factory Defaults Xbox One

Only do factory defaults when something seriously gone bad with your device or planning to sell your Xbox One device because it deletes everything from your system and restore it to default state.

  1. Power on your Xbox One device
  2. Open My Games and Apps area
  3. Now select Apps from the left panel
  4. Choose Settings, settings menu will open
  5. Choose System from the settings menu
  6. Select Restore Factory Defaults, a pop up will open confirming you to restore factory default
  7. Choose Restore Factory Default to initiate the process or press cancel to abandon

I hope that above methods to reset Xbox One has solved your problems, for your feedback regarding this post write to us in the comments section.

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