How to Disable Autocorrect Feature on iPhone and Mac

disable auto correct on iPahoneAutocorrect is the typing feature which assists users in typing quickly, while typing if you hits the wrong word, it will be corrected but it’s not always the right word. In reality, most of the messages we sent using autocorrect feature are sent with wrong corrected words, such as our misspelled word will be changed to correct spelled word, but the word resulted in totally changed word which most of the times change the meaning of the message.

So if you are annoyed with this auto-correct feature in your iPhone or Mac then you just do not need to worry anymore, simply follow the below tutorial in which we will guide you how to disable autocorrect feature on iPhone and Mac.

How to Disable Autocorrect Feature on iPhone and Mac

How to disable Autocorrect on iPhone

Now the time has arrived to disable autocorrect feature in your iPhone or iPad, without wasting any more time follow the below steps carefully

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Select General from settings menu
  3. Choose Keyboard
  4. Now toggle off the Auto-Correction switch to off

Now that autocorrect feature is disabled in your iPhone and iPad, type as you want autocorrect will not affect your typing anymore.
Note that Auto-Correction is distinct to the Predictive content peculiarity. The Predictive setting identifies with the three statement choices that show up over the keyboard as you write.

How to Disable Autocorrect in Mac Operating System

Generally autocorrect feature does not cause any difficulty in Mac operating system because typing is more accurate on keyboard as compared to the iPhone and iPad.

  1. Select Apple >> System Preferences
  2. Choose keyboards
  3. Select the text tab
  4. From the option correct spelling automatically uncheck the mark

Now you have successfully removed the autocorrect feature from your Mac operating system.

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