PicoAir a Portable Projector for a Smartphone

By using a smartphone, we normally share videos and pictures with our friends and family, it often happens when sitting around with friends and watching videos on smartphone built on a tiny screen of a smartphone it very hard when you have a large group of friends. There is a gadget called PicoAir a portable projector for a smartphone, which converts your smartphone screen to a superior screen viewing experience.

Picoair portable projector

PicoAir a Portable Projector for a Smartphone

You can turn your smartphone screen into a big screen and experience it like watching in the cinema. Share any type of media content such as movies, videos and pictures. PicoAir has a wireless connection, so connect it with your smartphone and watch videos on a larger screen with better quality.

The PicoAir Prortable projector is available on Celluon for only $349.99

Specification of PicoAir portable projector

  • Ultra slim in size, less than half inch thickness
  • Immeasurable focus
  • High definition resolution: 720p HD image in 16:9 wide screen
  • 1.1 Through rate, which enables to produce large screen from a small distance
  • Miracast for Android/Windows OS DLNA for iOS
  • Connectivity: Dual WiFi (2.4G/5G) makes smooth connection even in heavy WiFi traffic
  • Noise less: Ultra quiet, fan-free operation
  • Brilliant and vivid colors: 80,000:1 Contrast Ratio

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