How to Turn off Keyboard Clicking Sound in iPhone and iPad

How to turn off keyboard sound in iPhone and ipadIn iPhone and iPad we heard clicking sound each and every time the keyboard key is pressed, which might be useful in letting the user know that you are typing correctly. Whereas some users find it annoying and likes to turn off this clicking sound from iPad and iPhone keyboard.

Those who do not want to hear the keyboard click sounds while they are typing, in this post we are providing easy and simple method of how to turn off keyboard clicking sound in iPhone and iPad.

How to Turn off Keyboard Clicking Sound in iPhone and iPad

Here we are describing the two different methods of turning the keyboard sound off in the iPhone and iPad. First one will be a permanent solution and the other one is a temporary solution which will aid you in maintaining the sound off for a limited period such as when you are in the library.

Permanently Turn off keyboard clicking sound in iPhone and iPad

  • Launch settings app in your iPhone or iPad

Tap settings

  • Tap on Sounds

Tap sounds

  • Now scroll down till you find “keyboard clicks”
  • Flip the Keyboard Clicks switch to off

Keyboard Click to off

This is it, your iPhone or iPad keyboard will now no longer make clicking sounds while you are typing. If in the future you want to enable it again, simply follow the above procedure and flip the switch to on.

Temporarily switch off the iPhone and iPad sound

Use this option as a temporary and a quick action feature because it not only switch off the sound of keyboard, but also the entire sounds in your iPhone and iPad such as media and notifications.

To turn off locate the mute button which is above the volume buttons, flip it to off and now you can type on your keyboard without any sound. Remember to flip it on again after typing is done because if you don’t do so all the sounds in iPhone or iPad will be set to off.

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