How to Password Protect individual Apps on Android Phone

How to Password Protect individual Apps on Android PhoneThe Smartphone has become the very private thing these days because of the information it possesses in shape of messages , your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter and the apps you use like WhatsApp or the email apps (Gmail, outlook etc.).

To protect this information most of the people does is that they password protect their smartphone this is the one way of being protected, but in the situations like any of your friend ask your phone for a call or to check something on the internet for these type of situations locks on individual apps comes handy. You do not need to worry about when you give your phone to a friend for a call or for something else that he/she will be looking into your messages or browsing through the picture gallery.There are lots of Android apps which helps you password protect individual apps, but the one that hit our listing is Smart AppLock (App Protector) so in this post we will guide you how to password protect individual apps on Android phone.

How to Password Protect individual Apps on Android Phone

Follow the below steps carefully

1. Download and install Smart AppLock (App Protector) from google play
2. Now open it, the default password is 7777 which can be seen in the hint.
3. Enter the 7777 to unlock the app
4. Tap on the Green Color +Button placed at the bottom

Smart app lock

5. Now place Check Marks besides those apps which you would like to be password protected then tap add button. All the selected apps will be shown under the App Lock tab

place checkmark

6. In the App Lock tab you will see circle shaped button labeled Fake against each app, tap on the fake button to enable this feature, this will display a crash message such as “unfortunately, your app has crashed” when you saw this message and Press OK, you will be returned to the home screen but if you press and hold the OK Button you will be asked to enter the password.


This is an optional feature if you do not enable it on launch of every defined app in Applock you will be asked to enter a password.Now is the time to change the default password

Change Default password

1. Open Smart AppLock (App Protector)
2. Swipe left to tap on the Settings tab
3. Tap Passwords and pattern Settings

Password and pattern

4. Tap on Password and select the new numeric value

add password

5. Tap the Password hint tab to replace the hint

You can also use other lock types also which includes pattern lock, gesture lock and character lock. The above password settings defined will but the single password for the apps, but if you want different passwords for different apps then follow the below steps.

Multiple Password Settings

1. Launch Smart AppLock (App Protector)
2. Swipe left to tap on Settings and choose multiple passwords

multiple password

3. Tap add a password
4. Select individual apps by tapping on them
5. Place the check mark beside each app which you would like to lock then tap add

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