How to scan the QR code and Barcode with Android Phone

Android Smartphone has the capacity to scan both Barcode and QR code. We scan Barcode to get the price, Price comparisons and reviews about product while scanning QR code will take it to the website of that application or simply display text info. In this tutorial we will guide you how to scan the QR code and Barcode with Android Phone.

How to scan the QR code and Barcode with Android Phone

Scanning a QR codeQR code scanner

  • First step is to go to Google Play and download the free QR code reader app
  • Now launch the QR code app and point your camera towards the QR code
  • you don’t need to press any button application will itself scan the code and if QR code contains a web address you will be redirected to that web address else if contains text information it will displayed on your screen.

Scanning BarcodeBarcode scanner for Android

  • Launch Google play and download an application called a ShopSavvy Barcode scanner
  • Now launch ShopSavvy application, create an account on it or you can skip account creation as well.
  • Once the process of account creation or you have skipped it tap on the scan icon (Placed at the top right of the app interface)
  • Now show the camera towards the Barcode scanner.
  • The application will now scan the Barcode and will present the price info or the other info about the product to you.

Congratulations, you have learned to scan Barcode and QR code from your Android Smartphone.
I hope this effort of mine will help you in scanning QR and Barcode. Do write to us in the comments how you find this article.

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