How to Block Websites in iPhone or iPad

Parents are constantly odd about their children’s activity on the iPhone and iPad mostly when they are browsing the websites. Thanks to the new feature of iOS 7 which allows to buck and restrict internet sites. In this tutorial we will steer you how to block websites in iPhone or iPad.

How to Block Websites in iPhone or iPad

You require to have iOS 7 installed on your device because this website restriction is the feature of iOS 7.

Spread out the settings page >> General >> restriction. Set up the passcode if it is not being set before. Enter your passcode to continue the operation.

Now see the box named Allowed content and click on the websites which is placed under it. You will have now three choices to block sites.

  • All websites: it will block the all websites which are found on the internet. This selection is utilized when you do not desire anyone to browse any sites on your iOS 7 devices.
  • Limit Adult Content: it will block those sites which contain adult content.
  • Specific websites only: this option will block all websites, but only allows you to browse thorough specific websites which are set by you. Whenever you open your Safari browser it will show the thumbnail of the websites which are allowed to browse.

Now it is up to your preference what option of these three you like to set in your iPhone and iPad.

What if somebody attempts to open a block website?

If anyone will try to open a block website he/ she will see a web page saying “you cannot browse “sitename” because it is restricted”. If you wish to view the block website, click on Allow website and now you have to enter the passcode to continue. This works on almost all browsers in your iPhone and iPad.

Ristricted website

I hope this simple tutorial has enlightened your knowledge on how to block website in iPhone or iPad. Do write to us in the comments and share your opinions with us.

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