Premium Quality Synthetic Leather Case for Galaxy Note 2

Looking for premium quality case for your Galaxy Note 2 then you have arrived at the correct place. Because here we are presenting a premium quality synthetic leather case for Galaxy Note 2. The case is called Hardbook developed by Spigen.

Provides protection

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hardbook case (Product details)

Hardbook gives your galaxy Note 2 a sophisticated style and has a UV coated polycarbonate frame and soft lusterless feel. Handbook locks Galaxy Note 2 in its frame to provide an added security. Exterior of Hardbook has soft leather texture and on the front flap there is a storage pocket for your ID cards, business cards and etc. on the back of the case there are holes for camera and speaker.

Holes for camera and Speaker

Stand Holder for better viewing

The Hardbook can be easily converted into a stand holder which provides a better angle for watching videos or movies.

Not magnetic

The hardbook do not include inside magnets.

Card Holder

The Hardbook has a storage pocket, you can store your ID cards or any other cards.

Storage Pocket in Case

Comfortable hand grip

Provides comfortable grip, easily fitted into one hand


Available in three varieties of colors namely Sky Blue, Lavender and Navy.

With all above stated qualities Hardbook case for Samsung galaxy Note 2 is priced at $36.99. You can purchase it from official spigen store Click Here to visit.

Note from the makers: The Galaxy Note 2 must be removed from the top left corner of the hard casing. Attempting to remove the device from the top right corner may cause the casing to separate from the Hardbook.

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