How to add Privacy to Facebook Account

How to add Privacy to Facebook AccountFacebook the largest social networking site on earth gives you the pleasure of what you want to share with the worlds. On Facebook you may have thousands or more than that friend and you have your family, your boss might be there too, but you have something to share with your friends and you do not want it be read by any other person than your friends and know that the internet is full of creeps so you would like to make your Facebook profile private. We will show you today how to add privacy to Facebook account.

 How to add Privacy to Facebook Account

The first things you need to do is to login to your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, see a cog on the upper- right corner of the webpage click on that cog and choose settings.Now you are on another page in the left pane of settings, choose “timeline and tagging

Go to Timeline and tagging settings

Now on the timeline and tagging page you can control various things such as who can tag on your time line, who can see your posts etc. The best way to do is to go through all the seven available options and set them to you according.

Once you are done with the timeline and tagging settings it the time to add privacy to your profile. We will move towards the Privacy tab placed just above the timeline and tagging in the left pane.

Click on the privacy tab, same as timelines and tagging options here you will also pick up a lot of different options. Modify each option for you according.

Go to Privacy setings

In custom privacy option which is there in privacy tab “ who can see your future posts” you can set individual person those will not be able to see your future posts and even without un-friending them by simply adding their FB names in the text box label as don’t share this with. See below images for pictorial representation.

Privecy settings

Who can see your Post

set custom privecy

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Congratulations, you have successfully added privacy to your account. I hope now you have learned how to add privacy to Facebook account.

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