Slimbook Classy case for iPad Air by Spigen is a sophisticated case

All iPad Air users hold your breath a premium quality, classy case for iPad air has been available now for only $49.99. Slimbook classy case for iPad Air by Spigen is a sophisticated case, it has clean looks and a soft feel.

Slimbook classy case has a polycarbonate frame with a soft matte which gives iPad air more security and shield. Exterior parts are made up of metal, there are metallic patterns which have sleek looks and inside are a soft microfiber.

Slimbook gives iPad Air protect from each side and angle, it is a lightweight and the ultra slim shape. It also includes an automatic sleep and wake functionality. Slimbook is available in two different colors, Metallic Black and Metallic white.

Slimbook Metallic Black Slimbook Metallic White

 Features of iPad Air

  • Premium Metallic Polyurethane Material
  • Polycarbonate hard frame inside to protect the device from external shocks
  • Nonslip fabric interior to adjust comfortable viewing and typing angle
  • Automatic ON/OFF (Sleep/Awake) function

 There is an important notification from Spigen, see before you use Slimbook

The iPad Air must be removed from the top left corner of the hard casing.

Attempting to get rid of the device from the top right corner may cause the casing to break up from the Slimbook.


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