How to Stop Automatic app update Feature in Android device

Keeping your Android Smartphone or tablet up to date is a good thing by doing it you have the pleasure of the latest version of Android app available in your hand each and every time.If these app updates are going on your Android device all time busy and this is annoying you or you simply do not want an automatic update of Android app then you are arriving at the right place. In this article we will be step by step guiding you how to stop automatic app update feature in Android device.

How to Stop Automatic app update Feature in Android device

Open your Android Smartphone or Tablet and launch Google Play app, now click those three little lines which must be on whichever side of the home button to access setting menu. In my case, it’s on the left of the home button.

Now click settings, for reference you can see in the below picture.

Google Play Settings

See the general settings section here you will have notification settings, Auto-app update settings and other settings also but we need only these two so I am only pointing on these backgrounds.

Click on the Auto – app update, once clicked a pop up will open having three different options to choose from. Simply select Do not auto-app update circle placed next to it. See the below pictorial representation to obtain a clear idea.

auto update app 

Now that auto app update is turned off its better to have to be notified once an app update is available, in the general settings section check the box next to the notification. See example image below.


Hooray! You have successfully learned to stop automatic app update feature in Android devices. If you find any difficulty in implementation do write to us in comment section and we will try our best to solve your problem.

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