How to Import Gmail Account to

Are you tired of using Gmail and wants to switch to another email provider such as But you are afraid if you do this you will lose your contacts and messages not any more now because has developed a tool which will import your Gmail contacts and messages into your account and to do this we have formed an article on how to import your Gmail account to

In the past also Outlook has provided the import feature of moving your Gmail messages to but it was lagging in some features such as it was using POP 3 and a manual method to import messages and though users lose their Gmail labels but this new improved tool can convert your Gmail labels to folders.

Let’s not waste time anymore and see How to Import Gmail account to

Open your existing account or create a new one if you don’t have it, now click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of the window then select “More email settings” see figure below.

More Mail Settings

A new window will open once you have clicked on “More email settings” having different email settings options, see “Import email account” under managing your account section, see picture below.

Import your email account

Now import account settings will open simply click on Google and a popup will open having settings of “email import”, click on option to set if you want to import Gmail emails in your existing folders such as Inbox, sent and draft plus it will create new folders for the custom labels on your Gmail account or you can import into a new set of folders, including new folders for custom labels. Now click on start to initiate the process of importing Gmail account to, remember once prompted for authorization to use your Google account to import authorize

Import settings

Import can take a while, it depends upon the no of emails you have in your Gmail account. Do not panic and wait for the operation to finish. On completion you will receive a conformation email from

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