How to Change the idle Time in windows 8

There is a lot of influx of contact messages we receive people asking us to how they can amend the idle time set for their windows 8 based PC or laptops, so today we have decided to provide them with a solution. So in this article we will be explaining that how to change the idle time in windows 8.

By default windows 8 settings have been set to power saving which means your PC turns to idle state in rather quickly. Carefully follow the below points

How to change the idle time in windows 8

You might not know that there are two control panels in windows 8 and 8.1. One is the traditional one that is found by clicking in the bottom left corner to catch power menu congaing a link to the Control Panel. The user control panel is in the Charms bar and this is the panel which you have needed to change the idle time in Windows 8.

To open Charms bar move your mouse over to the bottom or top corner on the right side of the desktop, charms bar will jump up in a few seconds. We can also use the keyboard to open charms bar simply press the windows key and c together. In touch screen, swipe in from the right of the screen and charms bar will appear.

Charms Bar

Change PC Settings

Now click on the gear icon in the charms bar and then choose “changing PC settings”. Now move towards the power and Sleep section, click on it and you will see settings for the power and sleep. Now set the time for screens and sleep modes depending on your choice or choose never if you completely want to stop screen to turn off.

Power and sleep in whindows 8

I hope this article has increased your knowledge and you will not find in any difficulty to change the idle time of your windows 8 based PC or laptops.

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