How to Block or Give Limited Access to websites in chrome

How many times we have tried to only visit websites such as for only five minutes, but results in browsing Facebook for hours and hours. This happens to most of us and the solution is quite simple use a Google chrome extension called ‘Block site’.

Website Blocker also comes handy when you don’t want your children’s access to particular websites, but you cannot keep an eye all the time on your children, so website blockers act as a parental control for you. You can block websites which you think not well your children’s.

In this article we will guide you How to block or give limited access to websites in chrome.

How to block or give limited access to websites in chrome

Go To chrome app store and download ‘Block site’ from there or click here to download. After installing go to the extensions page and find Block site extension, then click on options.


Now we have entered into the settings page for ‘Block site’. On the general tab under the heading of list of Block site, enter the website in the textbox which you wish to block. Blocked website can be removed also by pressing the cross icon as shown in below pictures.

Enter website to be blocked

Remove Blocked  website

on Accessing block website

On accessing block website, users will see the screen as shown in the above image.

We can also set website to be accessed for a limited time go to active times tab and select intervals. You can also use a password to protect the options you have set, so no one can modify the settings of block websites.

You can also set “words” to block websites. Whenever the words you have set to be blocked appeared in website, website will automatically be blocked. To block website using words go to advance tab and enter word in textbox.

I hope this article has helped you in acquiring practical knowledge of blocking or giving limited time access to website in Google chrome.

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