New Holiday Theme ICE For Swift Key For Android

Swift Key for Android received updates moving it up to the 4.4 version, the latest version of swift key brings a holiday theme, a lot of bugs have been fixed and latest advances. Performance of an application has been increased when switching fields or after sending messages.

Swift Key Holiday Theme

The new Holiday theme will convert your keys into blue with white snowflakes, a cold gust of wind follows your trail as you trace over the keyboard, and the letters show up as large snowflakes as you type.

Download it from Google Play

Change log of Swift Key Version 4.4

  • New holiday theme ‘Ice’
  • Fixed a bug with punctuation where the symbols weren’t inserted in some situations.
  • Improved performance when switching fields or after sending messages in some apps.
  • Fixed a few Force Closes in the app
  • Fixed last column of the keyboard being cut on smileys layout
  • Fixed a bug in Hangouts for the keyboard not inserting text after an emoticon
  • Fixed a bug in the installer summary screen where if you tap themes twice in quick succession, it opened two instances of the settings
  • Keyboard doesn’t hide the field when signing into cloud anymore.
  • Not showing notifications on cloud screen during installation anymore

Source : Swift Key

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