Smart Door Bell DoorBot Answer Your Door Bell With a Smartphone

Now you can answer your main Doorbell call with a Smartphone using DoorBot, a WI-Fi enabled device that signals you whenever someone press the button of your door bell by sending video and audio to your Smartphone.DoorBot Smart Door Bell

DoorBot is battery operated devices which can be placed easily. To use this device you just have to install the free application on your iOS or Android device so you can communicate with the visitors at your door.

There is a microphone embedded in DoorBot which lets you communicate with the person who presses the DoorBot button, also there is camera for video which can even works at night using infrared technology which gives you the clear view in the night that who’s is there at your door.

Video Presentation 

Now to make your home secure combine DoorBot with another device called Lockitron which lets you lock and unlock your door through your Smartphone, also another option from which you can authorize selected people which can unlock your door.

The DoorBot is available in only $199 whereas Lockitron priced at $179. For detailed information about DoorBot Click Here to visit the official website of DootBot. For Lockitron Click Here

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