Renovate Your New Tab Page In Chrome With Momentum Google Chrome App

Renovate your new tab page in chrome with the Momentum Google Chrome App, this great application you must try it. What momentum does is that is simple replaces your plain looking New tab in chrome with amazing background images of landscapes plus a big clock , motivating quotes , to-do list and weather updates.

How to Setup Momentum (Google Chrome App)

Just a few steps and you are ready to use it, it’s really easy

1. Download and install it from this link
2. After that simply open New tab in chrome and momentum will be there
3. With first time launch it ask your name , greets you with messages depending upon your time


Momentum also provides you a feature of the main focus of the day it asks you what it is such as what you want to accomplish today it depends upon you , you want to use it or not. There a weather display also and inspirational quotations.

Momentum also include to do-list manager allowing you to write down your all daily tasks such as email to a boss, picking up kids from school , meeting with customer etc. There is a check box displayed besides each task as you completed that task you can tick mark it.
You can easily go back to your default new tab by clicking “Apps” written in the upper left corner of screen.

Chrome App Momentum

In the end I would like to say that it a must try Google Chrome App, you will find it interesting and productive.

Download Momentum from Google Web Store

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