Wireless Charging Kit For Samsung Galaxy S4 Consists Of Charging cover And Charging Pad

Samsung has released a wireless charging Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 which is most recent Flagship Smartphone by Samsung. The charging kit consists of charging  cover and charging pad.

Price of charging cover is $39.99 while the price of Charging pad is $49.99 and the whole kit will cost you about $89.98

Features of Wireless charging PadSamsung Wireless Charging Pad For Galaxy S4

Wireless Charger

Charge your phone without hunting for and attaching cables. Simply place your phone on the charger pad and it will begin charging.

Extended Compatibility

Qi certified by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) for use with all Qi-enabled devices, not only Samsung devices. Enable your Samsung Galaxy S 4 for Qi Wireless Charging with the Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Battery Cover.

LED Indicator

Multi-colored LED ensures a good connection when charging your device. Light glows yellow for incorrect alignment and green when wireless charging is working.

Features of wireless Charging coverSamsung Galaxy Charging Cover

Charge Wirelessly

Replace the standard battery door with Inductive Battery Cover. Once the cover is installed, simply place the handset on your inductive charger base. Charging typically takes between 3-4 hours.

Minimal Bulk

The wireless charging cover adds minimal bulk to your device. Keep in mind that due to a slight addition of bulk, some case options may not fit optimally. Cannot be used with Samsung Flip Covers or the Protective Cover +

Qi Compatibility

The battery door is specifically compatible with Galaxy S 4 models but works with any Qi-enabled charger base like the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad.

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