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Easily take out prints from Android phones, it has been found that most people don’t know how they can configure their printers to accept prints given by Android phone. Now you don’t have to worry about simple follow this tutorial and you will know all about printing from Android phone and even tablets.

There are some printers from which you can print from your android phones via WI-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connection but if your printer does not support this then you simply have to register your printer to Google Cloud print (this a service provided by Google which lets you printer connect to the web and make you printer reachable).

Follow below steps to configure your printer for Google Cloud Print

  1. The start Google chrome browser on your PC, you will see on the top right hand side the three horizontal lines which actually a menu button for customization and control.
  2. Click those lines and go to setting
  3. Click on show advanced settings, scroll down till you see Google Cloud Print
  4. Click on Add printers , now login to your Google account
  5. A confirmation message will appear now click on Add printers to confirm
  6. Your printer is ready and registered now for the Google Cloud print

Now it seems that you are ready now for printing from your Android Phone or tablet, just follow below steps

  1. Now we have access to Google Cloud Print, for printing through Android you have to download and install Cloud Print Application on your Android device.
  2. Make sure you set the same Google account that you have registered in Google Cloud print
  3. Press the printer icon to select which files to print, you can select files from Dropbox , Google Drive and Gallery
  4. After selecting file the following interface will show you the list of your printers which are registered on Google Cloud Print. Simply select one
  5. Now the print preview page will show you preview of your print. You can set the orientation of the document, media size, DPI, and the number of copies.

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