Microsoft Announced Mice With An Integrated Start Button

Microsoft has announced their first ever mice with an integrated windows start button, which gives user quick access to specific features in windows operating system. With the introduction of start button placement on mouse it is easy to navigate to your base.
The new mouse from Microsoft includes two models named as Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Mouse.

Sculpt Comfort Mouse

It has a blue strip with the windows logo on its side which is actually a touch sensitive strip called as Windows touch tab which allowSculpt Comfort Mouses user to navigate to start features with a single touch or swipe of a finger. When you press touch tab you are navigated to the windows 8 start interface but if swipe your finger down on touch tab if activates a switcher interface just swipe up and you can access to all open Metro Applications. Comfort Mouse uses Bluetooth for connectivity.
Price of Sculpt Comfort Mouse is $39.95

Sculpt Mobile Mouse

It has a little window start button on up-front plus four way scrolling gentility of scrolling wheel which allows you to scroll in horizontal direction plus vertical which Sculpt Mobile Mousewe are used to. It is a USB connectable mouse, Sculpt Mobile Mouse is priced at $29.95

According to the news the Sculpt Comfort Mouse will start shipping from this month while Sculpt Mobile Mouse will arrive in June 2013.


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