Manage All Popular Social Networks Using Viralheat iPhone Application


Viralheat iPhone app can manage all popular top social network feeds all in one place, so now you don’t have to login to separate accounts so see your updates all updates are managed at Viralheat application.

Viralheat keeps the record of Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks. Now the pressure is off because you can post to your entire social network accounts at one place without any disturbance, Viralheat also gives you the ability to schedule your post for later. Pictures can also be added using this app to your social networks same as you do on social networks plus this apps add other functionality to your post as it adds analytics so you get to know how much attraction your post are gaining.

Viralheart is a good iPhone application to manage all your social networks in one place. Viralheat Manage social accounts

Features of Viralheat as appeared on iTune

  • Access Viralheat Smart Stream from anywhere at anytime
  • Create and Access Social Smart Stream from anywhere at anytime
  • Cross channel publishing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Schedule posts in advance from your phone
  • Review analytics at a glance
  • Engage with a community in real time
  • Access to Viralheat Explore
  • Free in the Apple App Store

Viralheat is free application, for download Click Here

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