Extends Your Wi-Fi Range Has Compact Design The Rec10 By Amped Wireless

Rec 10
Wireless connectivity of internet has grown immensely, in today’s age Smartphones, tabs and gaming consoles are all we-Fi enabled devices which are now a days a most common way of connecting to the internet and to use wireless internet we needed a router which burst WI-Fi singles to your devices.

But there a limitation of a router to through signals to your devices in a limited area , suppose you have a big house and you liked to use the internet where ever you go in your house but you find in difficulty in using in some of their area because of your router limitations. You just don’t need to worry about because Amped Wireless REC10 compact WI-Fi range extender has arrived.


The compact WI-Fi range extender by Amped wireless  as its name suggest has a compact design and has built in power plug which lets you installed is easily anywhere you liked to.

Features of WI-Fi range extender REC10 are listed below as found on Amped Wireless

  • Extreme Range: Extend the range of any wireless network
  • Dual 600 MW amplifiers easily penetrate walls and eliminate WI-Fi dead spots
  • Elegant and compact plug-in design installs discreetly in any room
  • High Speed WI-Fi makes streaming HD video and web surfing a breeze
  • Universal: Works with all brands of routers and service provider gateways 
High Power 600mW Compact WI-Fi Range Extender REC10 is available for $79.9, you can buy it from Amped wireless  click here to visit.


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