Best Content Organizing Android App Springpad With Advanced Features

Springpad Android App

While you are surfing internet lots of things which come to you which you like to remember whenever in need,from articles to videos and much other content over internet, your problem has been solved by an Android Application called Springpad.

Springpad Screen Shot

Spring pad is a content saving applications which improves anything you save it provides with relevant suggestions which is useful.   
Basically it’s a note taking app which helps you taking note, make list, and write your ideas and whatever you like to remember for future purpose. But Snigpad is not limited to this path it has some other useful features too such as you noted down a recipe in snagpad, App will help you in making an ingredients list for shopping using the recipe you have written.
Snagpad also provide the convenient of saving articles which you liked to read later, support pictures and video saving.

Features of Springpad as appear on Google Play Page of App are listed below

Springpad Screen Shot
  • SAVE your favorite recipes and we’ll put the ingredients in a shopping list on your phone.
  • KEEP a new-movies-I-must-see list. We’ll let you know when they are on Netflix.
  • PLAN your vacation ideas. Save hotel, restaurants, activities, subway maps, videos and more.
  • BOOKMARK sites for reading later – never forget an important article or book.
  • FOLLOW trusted experts and others to be on top of trends and useful tips.
  • BUILD your personal to-do list with reminder alerts.
  • COLLABORATE with co-workers on a project with notes, videos, links and tasks.
  • SHOW pictures and videos your family to collect and comment on captions.
  • INVITE your foodie friends to share their favorite recipes and wine pairings.

Would like to know more about Springpad an information organizer app or even wanted to download it Click here

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