Want to Know How Much Time You Spend On Facebook Download TimeRabbit

 Social networking website Facebook is an addictive site and most of the internet users spend lots of time on it and if you want to know how much time you spend on Facebook then you need to download TimeRabbit which is a software application for windows that keeps the record of the time you spends on Facebook.

TimeRabbit is compatible with all major browsers; let us tell you how TimeRabbit works?
After you login to your Facebook account the software automatically starts in the background and starts its stopwatch, this Application even notice when you are idle and stops five seconds when you navigate away from the Facebook and detect when you came back.
                                                  TimeRabbit Notifies

Kuba Udymowski-Grecki, owner at Breakpoint, says TimeRabbit may be able to help users fight their Facebook addictions.

Major Features of TimeRabbit include

  • See daily time spent in hours, minutes and seconds
  • View weekly, monthly and lifetime statistics
  • Works with all major web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome)

Want to know how much time you spend on Facebook click here to Download TimeRabbit

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