Stylish And Durable Eco Friendly iPhone 5 Cases By iFrogz

Eco Friendly Case

Have you ever thought that how can an iPhone has an eco-friendly case but the reality is that iFrogz portion of ZAGG has made this possible, they have designed iPhone case that are eco-friendly made up of from the combination of wood and recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

IFrogz Natural cases for the iPhone are not only environment friendly but also have a style and durability to protect your iPhone from Scratches, dents and cuts.
Natural series iFrogz comes in 6 different pattern choices and these are listed below
  • Oasis — has clean lines and patterns
  • Surf —- as it’s name suggest it’s a style that makes you think of a retro surf boat
  • Cacao — cobblestone streets and antique woodworking style
  • Koala —- its dark brown and black line patterns
  • Zabrano — has a planer wood with multiple horizontal line pattern
  • Rockwood – has multicolored zigzag patterns of wood
Surf Oasis
You can purchase any one of the above stated case in 49.99 € from the Zagg site, so if you have iPhone 5 and want style and a supporter of eco- friendly world than have it. 

Zabrano   Rockwood

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