Smart Security System Scout Works Wirelessly Makes Home Secure

Scout SystemEveryone wants their home to be safe and secure and to make this sure we buy security systems but that systems can be costly and needed complicated stuff to install which causes your problem , so if you want to get rid of this and even want to secure your home than have Scout Security System which works wirelessly.

Scout security system lets users monitor their home directly from their Tabs, Smartphones and Computers through a WI-Fi. The silky palm-sized device, which has sensors, can easily be transported to another location, according to the Scout’s official website. Each system comes with a “base station,” which plugs directly into an Internet router, and communicates with the sensors wirelessly.

You can control this system remotely, system has alert which is being sent to your personal devices. Respond alerts by turning on lights, opening a door or even calling the police and many other options.

 Scout is available for pre-order on the official website of Scout, starting at $120. The first batch ships in August provided the product reaches its $180,000 crowdfunding goals.

Video From Scout

If you wanted to Pre-order or even want to know more about Scout security system click here.

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