Self Writing And Grammar Correcting Lernstift Pen Vibrates On Mistake

Lernstift Pen

Have you ever imagine the mistakes you make while writing any document or school going children do when doing their work can be corrected right there with a help of a pen. If you have not understood what we are trying to say then I tell straight there is a pen called Lernstift which has been introduced as a self-correcting pen.

Pen vibrates each time when a user makes a mistake while writing, keeping you alerts about your mistakes this self-correcting pen has two modes “Calligraphy Mode” and “Orthography Mode”.

Use To Proofread
Calligraphy Mode has been made to correct legibility factor in writing while Orthography Mode monitors spelling and grammatical errors.

This pen is perfect for students and teachers; teachers mostly don’t have time to monitor each every student of a class to inform them about mistakes they are making while writing and students will know when they are making mistakes right there when they are writing.

Learnstift pen still not been made available for open market, so the price still unknown although you can place your Pre-order through the official website of Learnstift.

Want to learn more about Learnstift Pen or even want to Pre-Order click here 

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