Media Streaming Device Roku 3 Have Access To More Than 750 Channels

Roku 3ROKU Products have got a name when it comes to Streaming boxes. For those who don’t know about Roku let us tell you what Roku is, Roku is a small box which allows you to easily access about 750 channels of movies , Sports , Music , TV Shows etc.

ROKU has released their latest model which they have named Roku 3 which said to be the fastest and powerful streaming device due to the fast processor planted, Roku 3 has also got an improved remote control that has headphone so you may listen without any disturbance.

Stream Media Using Roku
Roku 3 has got round edges and glossier effect looks wise is also improved than on previous models. This device has a new interface for users to find channels much easier and it also supports full HD 1080p video output plus LAN and WI-Fi connectivity.

Roku 3 can also play media from micro SD card and USB device, it can play MP4 (H.264), MKV (H.264), AAC, MP3 and JPG, and PNG formats. Roku also has an App for IOS and Android devices.

Price of ROKU 3 is $99.99, if you want to purchase ROKU 3 you can get it from official Roku online store click here.

Wanted to know more about Roku 3 visit official website.

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